Alice Millet


Unge pojke dricker mjölk på skånska landsbygden, 2018

"A young boy drinking milk in the Scanian landscape". Work in progress.

The country I just arrived in is ungoverned. After last September’s elections, the Swedish parliament has not yet succeeded in forming a new government. In fact, the traditional parties do not want to cooperate with an uninvited political movement, taking much more space than planned, the Swedish Democrats, a party considered belonging to the far-right.

The series features city and landscape sights from the South of Sweden, portraits of the Youth Movement of the Swedish Democrats and extracts of commercials by the southern Swedish milk brand’s commercials which seems to have inspired the new logo for the Swedish Democrats, replacing a flaming torch with a blue flower.

The title of the series itself is taken from a caption of one of the milk brand’s emblematic advertisement, in order to emphasize the intrinsic ambiguity of both the Swedish landscape and its youth.